Arch mov

System destined for the CONTROL and LOCATION of any vehicle.

It is formed by a module GPS, in addition to a terminal that allows the display of multitude of parameters. With our software, and through a web application, the user has to his scope all the information.

The continuous development of ARCO MOV makes possible the control of a wide scale of vehicles, as well as the possibility of display through multiple devices: Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, etc.

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Principal features

  • Path of GPS in real-time (Cartography Google Maps).
  • Scheduling and pursuit of the route.
  • Control of the person who leads the vehicle, as well as to know the time that goes driving.
  • Management of demand notes and alarms.
  • Good conduction practices.
  • Parameters control like the speed, level of fuel, speed of draft of the vat, conduction time…
  • Reduction of the time of administration and invoicing to the power to manage the delivery notes.
  • Online access to the multidevice with control of access through user and password.