Systems of Weighing

//Systems of Weighing

The scales of control and the systems of weighing contribute decisively to the quality of the final product, since only this way it is possible to guarantee the exact measurement, with the necessary correction and adjustment, inside any process.

Along with the mechanical design, the electronic weighing system is of supreme importance. Arco electronica offers a few electronic systems of high precision that are adapted of excellent form inside the employment of scales and systems of weighing.

Operations, processing of images, as well as the handling and display of the whole process, are our specialty in the integration of finished systems of automation.

  • bascula-aditivos-liquidos-2bascula-aditivos-liquidos-1
    Dosage system for weighing and discharge by gravity that allows an ideal miscellany of the concrete for the precision of dosage that is obtained by load cells. It controls quantities to dosage and downloads sequentially. Composed for:
    • Frame made of carbon steel.
    • 2 load cells with connection boxes.
    • Glasses of stainless steel of 20L.
    • Manual system of cleanliness glasses.
    • It loads or downloads by means of dosage system for centrifugal bomb, cogwheels or pneumatics.
    • Automatic valve of cleanliness glass.
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  • bascula-aditivos-solidos-2bascula-aditivos-solidos-1
    Dosage system for weighing and discharge by tumble that allows an ideal composition of the mortar thanks to the precision of dosage that is obtained by load cells. Composed by:
    • Frame made of carbon steel with easy access for maintenance and cleanliness.
    • Revolving stainless steel plate.
    • 3 load cells with connection boxes.
    • Pneumatic closet.
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    • sector cales y yesosLIMES / PLASTERS SECTOR
  • celulas-carga-2celulas-carga-1
    We have load cells, and supports made of materials of high resistance for any process of dosage and weighing. We realize quality control of each of our cells, and have international homologations. We have different types:
    • Monocell.
    • Flexión/Cizalladura.
    • Traction.
    • Compression.
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    • sector cales y yesosLIMES / PLASTERS SECTOR
    • sector agroalimentarioFEEDIND AND AGRICULTURE SECTOR
    • sector arenas y aridosSAND / AGGREGATES SECTOR
    • sector medioambienteENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR
    • sector quimicoCHEMICAL SECTOR
  • Belt scale control equipmentSistema-de-pesaje-continuo

    Accuracy conveyor belt scale to continuous weighing, it is designed to weight bulk products, flow rate, amount of diary or accumulated production, during extraction phases, processing and pre storage in diverse fields of activity.

    Our models cover a large variety of types of belts. We offer at the same time the possibility of adaptation to any need. Easy installation, it can be installed on any Belt Conveyor with a heavy or light frame, in profiles, shells, lattice or tubular, it can even replace an existing conveyor. Working along with the control equipment AE-9220P.PI provides visual information of instantaneous flow rate, production (instantaneous, accumulated and total) and Belt Speed.
    • Application for truck load: dosage of the required quantity and direct load.
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  • Báscula dosificadoraalimentador-pesador

    High precision conveyor weighing feeder. It allows the optimization and monitoring of processes reducing downtime by continuous measurement of load and tape speed, useful in various sectors of activity.

    The function of the scale is to measure the volume of material passage and to regulate the necessary dosages prior to mixtures, guaranteeing the accuracy of the processes and flows of materials in the times and according to the pre-established quantities. Motor connected to a frequency inverter that increases or decreases the tape speed according to the required load. Band doser recommended for automatic processes requiring continuous feed and weighing. Robust design and several models that allow the adaptation of length, belt width and load according to the needs of the customer. Easy installation and assembly of tape. Most important applications:
    • Metering scales for inclusion in continuous processes./li>
    • Automatic dispenser / dispenser for loading trucks / boats / big-bag ...
    • Possibility of radio frequency identification (RFID).
    • Metered feed from one point to another of the process.
  • contadores-aditivos-2contadores-aditivos-1
    System composed by meters of volumetric flow mounted in closet with protection IP-55. Features:
    • Maximum pressure 16 bar.
    • Work temperature +1ºC +50ºC.
    • Capacity from 1 to 100 l/min.
    • Precision 1,5 %.
    • Pneumatic valve in the output of the counter for the control of input of the additive.
    • 10 pulses for liter or 100 pulses for liter.
    • From 2 up to 6 counters.
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