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Accuracy conveyor belt scale to continuous weighing, it is designed to weight bulk products, flow rate, amount of diary or accumulated production, during extraction phases, processing and pre storage in diverse fields of activity.

Our models cover a large variety of types of belts. We offer at the same time the possibility of adaptation to any need. Easy installation, it can be installed on any Belt Conveyor with a heavy or light frame, in profiles, shells, lattice or tubular, it can even replace an existing conveyor.

Working along with the control equipment AE-9220P.PI provides visual information of instantaneous flow rate, production (instantaneous, accumulated and total) and Belt Speed.

  • Application for truck load: dosage of the required quantity and direct load.

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Product Description

Conveyor belt scale for continuous  weighing

  • Integrated weighing system, easy installation and maintenance on a CDFA-1 (double flexion cellule) which is calculated having into account the production and speed of the belt
  • Scale made on bent carbon steel plate, base shape under UPN profile, sheet of galvanized steel
  • Scale adaptable to the majority of belts
  • Rigidity and resistance of the system. Adjustable height
  • No mobile parts which makes its maintenance minimal


Continuous belt weighing, application fields:

  • sector agroalimentarioFEEDIND AND AGRICULTURE SECTOR
  • sector cales y yesosSAND / AGGREGATES / MINERAL SECTORS
  • sector medioambienteENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR
  • sector quimicoCHEMICAL SECTOR


Compact equipment, it is adaptable and multifunctional, it allows visualization and control of cointinuous belt weighing process.

        Equipo de control pesaje continuo
  •  Color display (16bits) of 4,3” (panoramic) and touchable.
  • Instant flow visualization.
  • Production: instant, accumulated and total.
  •  Process alarm in real time.
  •  Continuous weighing, PID regulation. (depending on desired requirement).
  • Analogic output available to control processes.


  • Sharing information through wireless
  • Monitoring software Arco Monitor
  • Speed measurer