//Control equipment for Concrete and Precast | A-9020 V1
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Control equipment for Concrete and Precast | A-9020 V1

Complete and versatile control equipment whose function is the interconnection of every element that takes part in any concrete or precast plant through digital communications.

  • Concrete Dosage  Plants
  • Concrete dosage plant of double via (dry via and mixer)
  • Double mixer plants and double scale for cement, water and additives
  • Big Dam plants

The equipment configuration is made through our Software Arco Gold Two, specific control system which along with A-9020 V1 equipment allows the automation and processes control in plant. It allows also remote access through any WEB device (Tablet, Smat phone, iPad, iPhone).

  • Connection until 16 weighing systems or independent counters
    with certification
  • 64 digital inputs / outputs to process control, it can be easily enlarged to other secondary processes to 208 I / O


Product Description

  • 40 configurable components for arid, cement, water and additives 
  • 8 integrated Ethernet ports for data Exchange with industrial PC and external ports interconnection
  • Series Port RS-485/422 for humidity probe connection (sand and mixer, to 5 probes)
  • Variable Speed Drive control through  CAN-OPEN bus



Control equipment for the following sectors:



Easy enlargement through inputs/ outputs for secondary processes control:

  • Arid charge through trough or rotating pan.
  • Security silos system
  • Mixer parameters control
  • Concrete recycling