//Integrated Control Equipment for Concrete and Precast plants | A-2010 V3.0
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Integrated Control Equipment for Concrete and Precast plants | A-2010 V3.0

Compact system developed to the automation and control of dosage, weighing and mix processes in concrete or precast plants. Including mixing and discharge processes.

It counts on 4 configurable displays for the following products:

  • Aggregates scale (8 components).
  • Cement scale (6 components).
  • Water scale / Water counter (2 components).
  • Additives scale / Additives counter (10 components)

Versión V3.0: control of arid scales and cement by weighing.
Versión V4.0: control of hopper by arid discharge weighing and cement scale by weighing.

  • 48 digital inputs / outputs to process control having the option to extend it to 64 inputs / outputs

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Product Description

  • Recipe storage
  • Inventory and consumed products control
  • Language selection
  • Warning management / real-time alarm
  • Storage of costumer, projects, trucks, etc
  • User Management and access license
  • Ethernet port, used for data exchanging with industrial PC
  • RS-485/422 series port, used for humidity probe connection (sand or mixer)



Integrated controller adequate to de following sectors:

  • sector hormigonCONCRETE / PRECAST SECTOR


We offer the possibility to improve the services and management of the equipment obtaining thus ARCO-9010 V3.0, a higher level model with control software and which allows a SCADA visualization of the plant, in real time and optimized to connection from any remote access device.

It includes: