Displacement Level

Drivers consisted of a switch driven by a rod of variable length, with cone screwed in the end or rod covered with gum.

The cone or the rod of gum must be exposed to the material to be detected. When the slope of the material that is filling the silo, gets in touch with the cone, it exercises a progressive pressure, scrolling the joint cone – rod and operating the microrruptor. After the silo empties, the pendulum recovers his original position, stopping operating the switch.

Membrane Level

Level drivers with operation of the switch by means of membrane. The performance of the switch, it is the result of the pressure exercised by the material in bulk against the membrane, which forces it to step back investing the position of the switch.
From 0,3 to 2,5 is used to control materials of easy discharge with densities t the cubic meter.

They do not need adaptation, economic and of long duration.

Radar Level

The bookmark sent by this level bounces in the product, and this way there is realized an estimation of the time of trip of the bookmark to calculate the material quantity. The measurement at this level is of high precision.

Rotary Palettes Level

Level drivers with operation of the both side and vertical switch. In the side of the product there is a palette driven by the engine – differential, to which it is appended by means of an axis of double support. When the product comes to the palette and this one finds resistance to his draft, the engine – stronghold turns on its own axis driving two microrruptores, one disconnects the engine and other acts on the control mechanisms.

They do not need adaptation, economic and of long duration.

Overpressure Level

Membrane of stainless steel sensitive to the pressure of the air. These drivers are used to signpost the overpressure that can be generated during the siloes filling, if they are realized by pneumatic systems to pressure.

They avoid dents and distortions in the silos.

It is given fitted to the work pressure.