• medidor-humedad-aridos
  • moisture probe
  • medición de humedad por microondas
  • moisture probe for sand
  • sensor digital humedad por microondas
  • moisture-sensor


Sensor to measure arid and aggregates moisture by using its digital microwave technology. It is located into the material flow providing a continuous measurement during dosage.

The sensor detects any variation on moisture levels enabling automation and correction of sands and water during the concrete process.

Humiarc Software enables configuration, calibration and diagnosis of the humidiy probe, it is possible to set an identical configuration for multiple sensors or replacement sensors.

The following models are available:

  • Humiarc-X, it is made on antiwearness steel cover.
  • Humiarc-P, it is made on antiwearness steel cover and a extra polyurethane cover which guaranties a higher protection degree.

  • It can be connected to any control equipment, it providing two 0-4/20mA analogic outpu and RS/485opto and/or CAN-OPEN communication.

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Product Description

Microwave moisture sensor with the following features:

  • Measuring range: 2-15%
  • 1 digital input of control/ retention.
  • 2 analogic output 0-4/20mA 16bits
  • Power supply 24VDC
  • Working temperature : from 0ºC to 50ºC




Humidity sensor for the following sectors:

  • sector cales y yesosARIDS / SANDS SECTOR
  • sector agroalimentarioFEEDIND AND AGRICULTURE SECTOR
  • sector arenas y aridosLIME / PLASTER SECTOR
  • sector hormigonCONCRETE / PRECAST SECTOR
  • sector medioambienteENVIRONMENT SECTOR
  • sector quimicoCHEMICAL SECTOR


  • External support for Hopper
  • Connecting cable 4 metres long
  • Signal converter RS-232/RS-422/485 lane DIN
  • Galvanic 3-way isolator of analogic signals 0-10V/0-10V
  • Power supply 220VAC /24VDC, 0,5A
  • Indicator 0/4-20 mA


  • Calibration, setting and diagnostic of up to 16 sensors
  • Easy multipoint calibration for high accuracy
  • Allows you to save measurements for analysis
  • Security copy and parameter restoring

you can download the software by clicking here