We work with the main engineering, and companies that make industrial assemblies, as well as in services related to automation, electrical installation and implementation of electronic equipment.

Concrete and prefabricated concrete

This is the natural sector for Arco Electronica, S.A., with the experience of more than 30 years in the world market, we have automated diferents concretes plants for building companies, and concrete manufacturers.

Automated plants:

  • Concrete plants with sand load by scraper and Skip/Mixer.
  • Plant with hoppers in dosing lines.
  • Plant with hoppers inline with By-Pass and Mixer.
  • Plant with hoppers in line with Tri-Pass, double mixer and dual scale of cement, water, additives.
  • Vertical Plants (tower plant)
  • Big plants for dams (up to 24 scales)
  • More than 2,500 installations worked with total reliability.
  • All of our equipment comply with the metrological standards.

We also collaborate with the most prestigious companies in the sector of prefabricated concrete.

Concrete / Prefabricated concrete
Mortars /Limes /Plasters

Mortars /Limes /Plasters

Since the mid-1980s, with the automation of the first plants of mortar of high production (dry mortar system and silo double camera systems), Arco Electronica S.A. has been one of the companies that has been more involved in a sector in constant technological evolution.

L’ automation plants of all kinds of capacities, and different formats make Arco electronics S.A., one of the companies with more experience in regulation, control and dosage of dry mortar plants.

Versatility in the programs,the easy communication with other computer systems, (management, quality, laboratory, production, reports…), do that the the program been a referral program within the world of dry mortar, and that the most importants manufacturer of cement firms entrusted such facilities to Arco electronics S.A.

Sands/ Aggregates

Arco Electronica S.A., is a company dedicated to the automation of industrial processes who has evolved over more than 30 years of experience, the enterprice started in the concrete sector, wiwth to the treatment of aggregates, using our experience and technology to the application in this sector.

The application of the knowledge acquired to new technologies taking with it the development of projects of crushing, classification and washing, as well as clarification of sludge. In addition, the implementation of these systems can be completed adapting to the same different systems, notably the integrated weighing using weigher Artesa and different kinds of levels which allow accurate monitoring of production at any time.

Sands and aggregates sector
Chemical Sector


This sector requires control, monitoring and analysis of the production processes in a consistent, comprehensive and reliable way. For this reason, we offer integrated automation solutions for for each case. The experience in this sector makes every day go increasing the variety of services to solve the different requirements of our customers.


Arco Electronica, S.A. started the activity in the environmental sector with few jobs and development of products for the recycling of water from the concrete, as well as for the treatment of sludge in the plants of aggregates, however with the start in the engineering, automation, control and electrical installation of the recycling plant in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) has been decisive to introduced step by step in this sector, and we have started wotking to differents projects and installations of water treatment plants of different sizes.

Arco electronica, S.A. for the the environment sector can offer from specific electronic products for the control of a process or concrete and machines, to engineering and electrical installation complete for W.W.T.P. Waste Water Treatment Plant more complex and technical.

environment sector
agri-food industry

Agri-food industry

The high activity that involving the production, processing and marketing in this sector make solutions of automation, this traceability processes have more and more importance in an increasingly globalised market. From Arco Electronica we offer solutions to each of the facilities of big number of companies that trust in us.